Mobile import tariff needs no reduction

Tehran, Nov 26. MOBNA – The present 25 percent tariff levied on imported mobile set is quite sensible and needs no reduction, Tehran Province Commerce Organization`s former president suggested.

“The present government increased the tariff from 4 to 60 percent two years ago which led to a surge in smuggling to such extent that they had to lower it to 25 percent,” Mohammad Faghihi told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“The 25 per centimport tariff has been set to protect the infant domestic mobile industry as well as the consumer,” he added.
He said some believe a 10 percent import tariff will eradicate smuggling once and for all, without bearing in mind that the rate would damage the countrys mobile set manufacturing.
“Mobile import tariff needs stability, and those who believe otherwise are advised to think twice,” he said.


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