Telecommunication ministry responsible for mms irregularities: an official

Tehran, 11 November, MOBNA – Telecommunication ministry is responsible for any irregularities in offering mms service, an Iranian parliament deputy said.

“Along with offering new technologies and services such as mms (multi media messaging) cultural and social negative effects arise, so some actions should be done,” Javad Arianmanesh told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).  
“Before services are offered their laws should be outlined and relevant authorized organizations should provide bill to parliament. Parliament is prepared to study these bills out of turn,” he said.
“If new media are offered without programming and framework, not only peoples reutation will be affected but also in many cases individuals privacy will be threatened,” Arianmanesh added.
“In metro and public places immoral Bluetooth are transmitted. When mms service is offered images and videos will be sent easily. If this technology does not have special laws it will have terrible consequences,” he said.

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