Hamraah-e Avval nuisance calls traced by MTC

Tehran, Apr 5. MOBNA – Subscribers wishing to trace nuisance calls in pre- and postpaid Hamraah-e Avval Operator mobile phone should contact Mobile Telecommunications Co at Hamraah Tower.

Iran Telecom PR office announced, based on item 2 amendment of article 14 of Iran Telecom charter, after the intruder has been found out, for the first time round his/her phone is disabled for one week with a written notice and the cost of line re-establishment is charged to the offender. For the second time offense, however, the line will be disabled for 3 months, and for the third such calls the line is disconnected permanently and the deposit returned to the offender after the settlement of the account.
According to the law, erroneous calls whether deliberate or by mistake and by any person of any age are regarded as nuisance calls and the decision rests on Iran Telecom alone.

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