Iran telecommunication Consortium to lure 3 Asian operators to attend operator tender

Tehran, 2 November, MOBNA – Iran telecommunication Consortium announced that it is negotiating with three Asian operators in order to talk to them to take part in third mobile phone operator tender.

“Iran telecommunication Consortium will change to joint stock company, and negotiations with three foreign companies have been finalized and contract with an Asian operator and an investor will inked in a week time,” Iran telecommunication Consortium head Kamran Majdmanesh told Mobna news agency.
“17 November has been set deadline for providing purchased third operator tender documents. Iran telecommunication Consortium has had some negotiations with several domestic private banks and an investor company to determine the projects investor,” he added.
Third mobile phone operator tender winner can start its operation as of March 2009 and third operators sim cards will be sold off in the second half of next Iranian year (around October 2009).
Third operator should cover metropolitan cities in first year of operation and in second year should cover all provincial capitals.
Third operator initial capital is 300 million Euros and it can attract 17 million subscribers in 15 years.

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