Mobile set import tariff needs to change in new Iranian year: an expert

Tehran, 30 Nov. MOBNA – Mobile set import tariff should change in next Iranian year (beginning March 2009), an expert in mobile business said.

“Authorities should put on their agenda decreasing mobile set import tariff,” Mohammad Gholi Yousefi told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“Finial months of each year are the best time to decrease commodities tariff and commerce ministrys Article One commission should not ignore this point,” he added.
Commerce ministrys Article One commission duty is to set commodities import tariff.
“With industries ministrys reasoning in Article One commission, it is planned that 25 percent tariff of mobile set import continues without any change in order to see its effect on market,” he said. 
“Mines and Industries ministry should decrease its pressure about stabilizing mobile set import tariff and let Article One commission members to decide freely,” Yousefi elaborated.
Mines and Industries ministry insists that the current import tariff has been levied in order to aid the domestic mobile set production.
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