MCI competition not yet started

Tehran, Nov 27. MOBNA – Mobile Company of Iran has yet to enter serious competition with other mobile phone operators.

“When 51 percent of MCI shares are offered on the Tehran Stock Exchange and its board members are from the private sector then the operator will enter into competition in earnest,” minister of information and communication technology Mohammad Soleimani said on Tehran20 television program.
He added that there are now 41 million MCI subscribers, and since the start of the present government (2005) 1 million sim cards have been sold every month.
He said GPRS, which was due in September 2007, has been finally installed in October 2008 and only in Tehran and Karaj.
He said the country’s mobile phone tariff is around world average and refused to accept that it is too high.
He said when the country’s mobile phone penetration rate has passed the 100 percent mark and its antenna coverage spans the entire country we could claim that the country is nearing world standard.


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