3rd mobile phone operator license to be decreed by March 2009: RCRO head

Tehran, Nov 26. MOBNA – Radio Communication and Regulations organization will decree third mobile phone operator license by the end of this Iranian year (March 2009), RCRO head said.

“Third operator tender winner will be determined by March 2009 and according to license this operator should offer its sim cards in seven months after license decree,” Mahmoud Khosravi told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“Some companies which have provided their documents for initial evaluation have selected their foreign partner and the remained companies can select their foreign investor after evaluation phase is over,” he added.
“This is a wrong idea that some media announce that foreign companies have not welcomed the tender, since domestic companies which have bought tender documents should select a foreign company as its investor,” Khosravi added.
“Foreign operator which wants to cooperate in third mobile phone operator should have at least two million subscribers and enough capital,” he said.
In May 2008, Russias MegaFon had declared its intention to bid for Irans third national mobile license and recently has launched its office in Tehran last week refused to invest in this project.

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