Three regional investor groups seeking Taliya partnership

Tehran, Nov 25. MOBNA – Three investor groups for the Persian Gulf region have expressed inclination to join Taliya project, Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Company chief announced.

“The groups have had long experience as mobile phone operators in the region and their partnership will greatly boost Taliya’s network,” Hussein Bahrampour told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna) in the ninth TeleCom exhibition,
He said one group in particular has shown more interest in the partnership who will greatly enhance Taliya’s services, but did not elaborate more.
As for Taliya rates being reduced following the partnership, he said Taliya’s rate policies are determined by Telecommunication Company of Iran as its proprietor, and they will be cut as long as they do not greatly affect its profit margins.
Taliya is the brand name which was selected some three years ago for the first independent prepaid cell-phone network in Iran.
 Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Company carries out the enormous national project of Taliya. 


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