Iran trade laws should be clear for European companies: Comptel official

Tehran, 24 Nov. MOBNA – Iran trade laws for European companies who want to cooperate with Iranian public sector companies should be clear, Comptel official said.

The Finnish Comptel Corporation which specializes in telecommunication software is among 46 foreign companies that have participated in the 9th international exhibition of telecommunications, information technology and networking. 

“Since Iran trade laws have been interpreted differently outside of Iran in comparison to Iran, therefore the European companies are not inclined in participating in these exhibitions,” Ali Hosseini Senior Business Developer & Program Manager told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“Iran trade laws do not allow the European companies to work directly with the Iranian state owned companies,” he added.
        “As an example a domestic state owned company should cooperate with foreign company via another private sector firm,” he elaborated.  
“The European companies presence here is not only to ink contracts or to sell their products but to forge contacts with other companies,” Hosseini said.
  “Big companies like Nokia not attending the fair is a negative sign that shows it did not assume that the exhibition is a proper place to attend in,” Hosseini added.
“Since this exhibition is titled Iran telecom therefore it shoud only be visited by experts who familiar with telecommunication field, but this fair is free for public,” he said.
     “Most visitors are youngsters who have no expertise with the European companies functions attending the exhibition,” he continued.
“This exhibition is proper for foreign companies which have customer in Iran, like our company which offers its services to Mobile Company of Iran,” Hosseini said.
       Comptel Corporation provides software solutions to the telecoms market. It has 280 customers in 85 countries.
    The company operations support systems focus on service fulfillment, convergent mediation and charging. Other products are billing systems, data retention solution and roaming management systems.
Ninth international exhibition of telecommunications, information technology and networking is held form 22 until 25 November in Tehran international fairground place.


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