International telecom 2008 did not live up to expectation: CBOSS official

Tehran, 24 Nov. MOBNA – The 9th international telecom did not live to the expectation in visitors` number, the Russian company CBOSS sales manager said.

“Lack of visitors may have resulted from the fact that this exhibition is specialized in telecommunication field,” Ekaterina Palagieva said.
“The possible financial agreements will be determined after the fair is over, since this exhibition is a place for introducing new products and exchanging business cards, not final agreements,” she added.  
“CBOSS has attended this exhibition in order to introduce its products and get business contracts,” CBOSS sales manager said.
Among CBOSS product are real time billing systems, value added products, messaging systems, network management, monitoring and business intelligence.
Ninth international exhibition of telecommunications, information technology and networking is held form 22 until 25 November  in Tehran international fairground place.

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