Iranian mobile News Media Review Sunday 23 November 2008

Daily summary of Iran’s top Mobile news for the international viewer’s

• Importing 150 telecommunication equipments is forbidden to country. Third mobile phone operator tender winner will be determined 20 January. By the end of this Iranian year (March 2009) Mobile Company of Iran GPRS service and also 90 electronic services will be offered to subscribers, telecommunication minister said.
Published in 14 newspapers. Also in ISNA, IRNA, Mehr, Fars, Mobna, SITNA, Iscanews and Mouj news agrencies.

• The 14th International exhibition of electronic, computer and E-commerce (Iran Elecomp 2008) was inaugurated by telecommunication minister on November 22.
Published in Fars, Mouj and Borna news agencies. Also in four newspapers.

• Mobile Company of Iran mobile internet service will be upgraded to EDGE (2.5G) technology thus increasing the internet speed.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• Mobile Company of Iran announces its roaming fee via sms for those subscribers who are going to this year’s holy hajj pilgrimage.


• Second mobile phone operator Irancell is a proper role model for other operators, telecommunication minister announced.
Published in Fars news agency.

• Mobile Company of Iran releases nine new value added services in 9th international telecom fair, MCI official said.
Published in Mobna and Fars news agencies.

• Mobile Company of Iran BTS antennas which are near the Iran telecom and Elecomp exhibition fairground have been activated, MCI deputy said.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• The technical committee will submit the outcome of the Third Operator tender envelopes to Radio Communication and Regulations Organization soon, the tender manager announced.
Published in Mobna news agency.
• Mobile Company of Iran introduced a new sim card titled “Amin” which features GPS in the Iran Telecom 2008 exhibition.
Published in Mobna news agency.


• Implementing 10 percent tariff of mobile set import seems logical, in order to support production and consumption, ex deputy of commerce ministry announced.
Published in Mobna news agency.


• Activating Mobile Company of Iran GPRS service (mobile internet) is free of charge for subscribers.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• Domestic researchers by processing speech and its signals have designed software which changes speech to text.
Published in Mehr news agency.

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