Iran Telecom 2008 exhibition inaugurated

Tehran, 22 Nov. MOBNA – The 9th International exhibition of telecommunications, information technology and networking (Iran Telecom 2008) was inaugurated by telecommunication minister on November 22.

The fair launched by Mohammad Soleimani will run for four days at Tehran International Fairgrounds.

The expo will showcase the products of 426 domestic and foreign companies.

Foreign companies from Germany, China, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Britain, Turkey, South Korea, Italy, Spain, the Philippines, Poland, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Sweden are represented in this exhibition.

These companies display their related achievements and products in the fields like hardware and software of telecommunication equipments, Wimax, networking, value added services, postpaid and prepaid sim cards equipments, optical fibers tests and base station equipments (BTS).
Ericsson, HTC, Thrane & Thrane, Comptel, Matrix telecom, Hwatel, ZRG, Fiber Optics, AASTRA, NEC Philips, Hipath, TEAN Telecom, NEC, CBOSS, Panasonic, Sky Telecom, EPCOS, Huber and Suhner and KPN have stalls and are represented by their regional and country representative.

The exhibition seeks to introduce the potential and actual capability of domestic manufacturers and provide opportunity to establish links between reputable foreign and domestic companies.
It also aims to conclude agreements and furnish the grounds for exchange of views among those involved in this field.

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