MCI mms service will be offered to postpaid subscribers: MCI official

Tehran, 20 Nov. MOBNA – Mobile Company of Iran`s priority for mms (multi media messaging service) service will be postpaid sim cards subscribers, a MCI official said.

“Mms service is in its final tests phase and will be offered soon,” MCI public relation chief manager Abas-ali Abolfazli told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“First operator equipments for launching this service have been approved by telecommunication ministrys regulatory body (RCRO). Mms service regulation for subscribers will be on base of approved regulation,” he said.
“MCI GPRS service is affordable for postpaid sim cards subscribers in Tehran. The service will be offered for prepaid sim cards subscribers gradually after postpaid subscribers,” he added.
MCI currently has 16.5 million postpaid sim cards subscribers.
According to RCRO mms regulations all operators have to save al transmitted mms with their information for 90 days and create necessary equipments to filter all kind of black list messages.

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