MCI GPRS will be offered round the clock in December: MCI official

Tehran, 19 Nov, MOBNA – Mobile Company of Iran GPRS (mobile internet) service will be offered round the clock by 5 December, MCI official said.

“So far 135,000 MCI subscribers have registered for GPRS service via MCI website, and more than 92 percent out of them are using the service,” MCI public relations head Abasali Abolfazli told Irans news agency (Mobna).
“There is no restriction for GPRS registration and the service capacity will be increased in accordance with Tehrani subscribers request,” he said.
Currently more than 4.5 million MCI postpaid sim cards subscribers are in Tehran.
MCI GPRS service currently is affordable form 11:00 to 08:00 for MCI postpaid Tehrani subscribers.

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