100 Tehran BTS antennas assigned for shared use

Tehran, Nov 18, MOBNA – Around 100 BTS antennas have been assigned for shared use by mobile phone operators, Mobile Company of Iran director said.

“SiteSharing Company is awaiting final tariff ratification from Radio Communication and Regulations Organization in order to inform mobile phone operators the rental charges of such antennas,” Hassan Razavi told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
He said each mobile phone operator has a representative in TimeSharing Co so that they would determine which operator is allowed to use which operator’s BTS antenna and in which part of Tehran.
He said MCI, besides owning some 2,000 BTS antennas, still needs to share BTS antennas of other operators in some areas of Tehran.
The figures show that MCI has around 2,000, IranCell 500 and Taliya 300 BTS antennas in Tehran.

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