Deadline for providing 3rd operator tender documents not extended: tender manager

Tehran, 16 November, MOBNA – Deadline for providing third mobile phone operator tender documents which is on 17 November is not extendable, tender manager said.

“According to plans 17 November is deadline day and is certain and can not be extended,” Saeed Mahdiun told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
However some third operator tender documents buyers asked for extension in deadline.
Telecommunication industries consortium managers as one of tender documents buyers announced that regarding world crisis and problems, they need more time to negotiate and selecting foreign operator and investor to cooperate in this project.
“All companies are obliged to provide their proposition packages on 17 November to telecommunication regulatory body. Only if the packages are less than two, Radio Communication and Regulation Organization can decide about deadline extension,” Mahdiun said. 
“Iran economic situation is not dependent on other companies. Deadline could be revised if buyers had announced they request sooner,” he added.
“We want that documents buyers provide the documents on time. So far no buyers have provided their documents and it is usual that they use the deadline till the last day,” he said.
According to plans third mobile phone operator tender winner will be determined in 21 December – 19 January period and third operator can start its operation as of March 2009.

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