MCI most catchy mobile phone number will go to museum

Tehran, 13 November, MOBNA – The Mobile Company of Iran`s catchiest mobile phone number 09123456789 will be sent to telecommunication museum, Mobile Company of Iran official said.

“According to MCI managing director the number will not be put in auction,” MCI trading commission head Abolfazl Alishahi told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“Almost all MCI catchy mobile phone numbers have been put in auction. The remaining catchy numbers will be auction off too, but this exclusive number can not be sold,” he said.
“MCI prepaid sim cards catchy numbers and new 0910 prepaid sim cards will be put in auction soon,” Alishahi said.
11th MCI catchy mobile phone numbers auction will be hold in 21 November – 5 December period.
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