Free sms from countries with roaming contract with Iran

Tehran, Nov 11, MOBNA – Sms messages received from countries which have roaming link with Iran, including Saudi Arabia, is free of charge, Mobile Company of Iran public relations office announced.

“During last year’s Hajj Pilgrimage subscribers were charged for transmitted sms, but as the result of talks with relevant officials they are not going to be charged this year,” Abbas Lotfian said.
The charge for sending sms message, however, has risen slightly in Saudi operators, such that in Al-Jawal and Al-Etihad networks it stands at 4,320 rials and in Zain network stands at 2,160 rials.
Call tariff from Saudi Arabia for Al-Jawal and Al-Etihad subscribers is 25,660 rials per min and for Zain subscribers is 13,790 rials, and the charge for those on Hajj Pilgrimage to receive an sms message is now 1,670 rials.


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