Legal bodies should be sensible about mms and GPRS service problems: an expert

Tehran, 10 November, MOBNA – Legal bodies should be sensible about mms (multi media messaging) and GPRS (mobile internet) service legal problems, a well known researcher said.

“These sensitivities should be more on public training and awareness,” fourth wave theorist Ali Akbar Jalali told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“Penal code should be created to fight with mms negative results,” he said.
“Unfortunately state sector operates poorly in creating demeanor and awareness for new technologies,” he added.
“In line with new technologies development television programs should be broadcasted to familiarize people with these new technologies,” he added.
“Unfortunately only new technologies negative effects are being broadcasted in mass media,” Jalali said.
“Mms and GPRS services make social networks and will enter society and make their own spider networks,” he added.

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