Mobile Company of Iran international activities after privatization

Tehran, 9 November, MOBNA – First operator thinks of international activities after complete privatization, the MCI official said.

Although Mobile Company of Iran with 28 million subscribers ranks second in Middle East and 30th in the world, but so far it could not operate in other countries and among international operators.
“The reason is that the company is state owned, and until 50 percent of companys shares have not been sold the operator can not achieve foreign activities,” MCI managing director Vahid Sadoughi told Mobna news agency.
“First operator has financial, technical and human source to present in other countries. We studied operating situation in seven Middle Eastern countries and hope to increase the task by privatization,” he added.  
“Currently 30 percent of Mobile Company of Iran shares is for subscribers and justice shares. The government owns 70 percent remaining shares,” he said.
First operator with 16.5 million postpaid subscribers ranked first in Middle East and 12th in world.

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