Value added tax law impedes illegal trading: an expert

Tehran, 6 November, MOBNA – Implementing added value tax law impeded illegal and hidden mobile set dealings, former Tehran foreign commerce deputy said.

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had announced that in national Export Day that value added tax law will not be implemented and that it is going to be sent to the parliament for further review,” Mohammad Faghihi told Mobna news agency.
“Implementing value added tax law can be considered as a program to confront mobile sets smugglers, since illegal mobile sets vendors and distributors in order to sell their commodities have to report the exact day of the imported set to tax officer,” he added.
“Value added tax law is one of the good plans in the current government and by using this law all dealings will be registered clearly in the tax offices,” he said.
“Currently more than 80 percent of mobile sets in the market are being imported via illegal means that value added tax could decrease it to zero,” he added.

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