3rd operator tender winner to be determined late December: tender organizer

Tehran, 6 November, MOBNA – Third mobile phone operator tender winner will be determined around 21 December, third operator tender manager said.

“It is predicted that third operator to start its operation as of March 2009,” Saeed Mahdiun told Mobna news agency.
“Tender documents buyers have only the next 10 days to provide their documents. According to the schedule A and B packages will be opened in 7 December and C packages which contain their price proposition will be opened in the week of 21 December -27 December. After that the winner will be determined,” he added.
“Third operator tender documents are complete and clear. Third operator has nine months to launch its network, but we predict that it will offer its sim cards sooner than estimated,” Mahdiun said.
15 foreign and domestic companies have bought tender documents and are in negotiation to find their investor.
Third operator can attract 17 million subscribers in 17 years.
Semi state owned and state owned companies can not be among third operators shareholders.

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