Iranian mobile News Media Review Wednesday 5 November 2008

Daily summary of Iran`s top Mobile news for the international viewer`s

• Mobile Company of Iran managing director announced that it will offer mms service in coming month. Also calls fee with Pilgrims in holy Mecca is decreased and they will not be charged for sms. Also he said that 100 percent of country roads will be covered by the end of this Iranian year (March 2009).
Published in Keyhan, Iran, Etelaat, Jahan Sanat, Fanavaran, Mardom Salari, Sedaye Edalat, Ebtekar, Hezbollah, Abrar Eghtesadi, Jahan Eghtesad, Asrar, Zaman, Abrar, Tafahom, Khorshid, Eghtesad Pouya, Ghods, Khabar, Etemad, Rah Mardom, Javan, Etemad Melli, Sobh Eghtesad, Vatan Emrouz, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Sarmaye, Kaenat, Siyasat Rouz and Karoon newspapers. Also in IRNA, Mobna, SITNA, Iscanews, Fars, ISNA, Mehr, Mouj, ILNA, Borna and Hamna news agencies.
• Mobile phone operators who want to install BTS antennas should provide health permission to that region medical sciences universities. Has been
Published in Hamshahri, Jomhouri, Fanavaran, Ghods, Khabar, Kargozaran, Khorasan, Sarmaye, Hayat No, Jahan Sanat, Mardom Salari and Eghtesad Pouya newspapers. Also in Fars news agency.

• Telecommunication Company of Iran’s chairman of directing board has announced that TCI new charter has been approved by representatives of provincial telecom companies.
Published in Fanavaran, Sobh Eghtesad, Etemad, Hayat No, Khabar, Khorshid, Donyay-e Eghtesad and Abrar Eghtesadi newspapers. Also in IRNA, Mobna, ISNA, Iscanews, ILNA, Fars, Mehr and Mouj news agencies.

• Khaje Nasir-aldin Tousi university experts succeeded to design a software to pay telephone bills by mobile phone.
Published in Hamshahri, Abrar Eghtesadi, Sobh Eghtesad, Sarmaye and Khorasan newspapers. Also in ISNA news agency.

• Only Tehran banks receive surcharge fee from subscribers who refer to banks to pay their mobile phone and landline bills, a central bank of Iran official said.
Published in Fars news agency. Also in Jomhouri, Asr Eghtesad, Aftab Yazd, Jahan Sanat and Hayat No newspapers.

• In first two days of registration for MCI gprs service 80,000 subscribers succeeded to register, Mobile Company of Iran official said.
Published in Poul, Farhang Ashti and Hadaf o Eghtesad newspapers. Also in Mobna, Iscanews, ILNA, ISNA, SITNA, Mouj and Hamna news agencies.
• One day mobile phone technologies meeting will be held with Amir Kabir university cooperation in coming month, technology research and training office chief director said.
Published in Iscanews, ILNA, ISNA, Fars and Hamna news agencies. Also in Poul and Abrar Eghtesadi newspapers.

• As of 2005 and during the tenure of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad number of countries with whom Mobile Company of Iran has roaming contracts has reached to 102 countries.
Published in Iran newspaper. Also in Mehr news agency.

• Radio Communication and Regulation Organization announced that operators that offer mms service have had to save all sent mms with the relevant information at least for 90 days.
Published in Etelaat newspaper.

• More than 200,000 mobile sets in that market which have been imported via illegal means are not standard, mobile phone, accessories and electronic spare parts head said.
Published in Khorasan newspaper. Also in IRNA news agency.

• First mobile phone operators network has covered 37,000 kilometers of Irans roads and in next phase all main roads will be covered, a Mobile Company of Iran official said.
Published in Etelaat newspaper.

• Mobile Company of Iran continually deploys domestic expertise and intends to use it further in its fourth development phase, said MCI’s technical and engineering director.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• If mobile set import tariff decreases then investments by public or private sector will be wasted, an economic expert said.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• Telecommunication Company of Iran is not private sector rival, TCI deputy said.
Published in IRNA news agency.

• Commerce ministry can have a crucial role in launching mobile phone union, an economic expert said.
Published in Mobna news agency.

• According to researches using mobile phone while driving increases car accident risk seven times, a sociologist researcher said.
Published in Mobna news agency.

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