GPRS to influence communication, economic and commerce fields: an official

Tehran, 2 November, MOBNA – Using mobile phone GPRS service has dramatically affected information, communication, economic and commerce fields, a deputy in the Iranian parliament said.

“Among GPRS service advantages are saving transmission expenses, increasing trade and industry efficiency and decreasing market entry limitations,” Aliasghar Yousefinejad parliaments mine and industry commission spokesman told Mobna news agency.
“Some developed countries governments by providing telecommunication infrastructures and also by devising the right policies and guidelines have reached to electronic trading via GPRS service,” he said.
“Also some developing countries in the south eastern Asia in addition to setting the policies and guidelines they comprehensively protect mobile sets internet development dramatically,” he added.
“Traders all over the world especially in developed and developing countries use the latest technologies to boost electronic trade via GPRS,” Yousefinejad said.
“Users in different countries have shown tendency to do their trading in electronically via mobile sets. Since this way will decrease expenses and increase internet access speed,” he concluded.
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) The first high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers that used the GSM technology.

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