MCI`s GPRS service to be offered as of 2 November

Tehran, 1 November, MOBNA – Mobile Company of Iran`s GPRS service that has passed initial technical testing phase will be offered to subscribers as of 2 November.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) the first high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers that used the GSM technology.
Mobile Company of Iran GPRS service has been launched and will be offered to MCI 091 sim cards subscribers in Tehran as of 2 November.
091 sim cards subscribers can use mobile internet in this phase from 2300 to 0800 in regular days and in all 24 hours of holidays.
Those who want to use GPRS service should refer to website as of 1000 on 2 November and register for the service.
Accepting subscribers GPRS service requests will be based on the network capacity and users will be informed via sms and MCI will send GPRS setting for them.
In next phase the service will be available in 24 hours in Tehran and in next phase in all provinces.

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