Consortium ready for 1st Operator equipments installation

Tehran, Apr 9. MOBNA – The director of the consortium of Mobile Telecommunication Development announced

 they are all set to install their units in the country’s mobile phone network.
Mansour Kabiri Rahni, in conversation with MOBNA and referring to the production of equipments for 6m mobile phone lines, said the mass-production of the equipments is under way and the installation of 100 such units is about to take place.
He stressed that 1st Operator should sign a separate contract for the installation of all the units as the consortium was only allowed to install the ones already installed.
He indicated the time remaining for the production of large volume of equipments is indeed insufficient, and there is need for cooperation from the banks and foreign companies.
He stressed the delay has been caused by the longer than expected testing of prototypes, but hoped to deliver some 1000 units to the commissioner (Mobile Telecommunications) next month.
It is to be said that the project to manufacture equipments for 6m mobile phone lines was undertaken last year by a consortium comprising the MTC and 6 domestic companies to deliver in 18 months.


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