VIEW: Mobile News in Iranian Mass Media, Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Headlines: • Mobile users’ troubles in New Iranian Year • Communication Services Bureaus face problem

• Two new SMS center under trial run
• Gov. to get Taliya license
• Irancell offers 13 new gifts
• Distribution of prepaid SIM with 0912 prefix unfounded
• Post Co. not yet assigned as total mobile bills distributor
• Too many investment opportunities in Iran’s mobile market
• MMS code still awaits final approval
• “Attraction of foreign investments, Dos & Don’ts”
• “Digital ex gratia with SMS”
• “SMS problems”
• Subscribers’ criticisms
Articles Digest:
• ISNA yesterday published an article titled “Mobile users’ troubles in New Iranian Year” that discusses in detail the status of Hamrah Aval’s mobile network during the New Year’s holidays. This was the major mobile new item published today in the Iranian mass media, including Tafahom, Sarmayeh, Jahan-e Sanat, Kaenat, Sedaye Edalat and Fanavaran dailies.
• Chairman of Mobile Sellers Union said in an interview with MOBNA that Communication Services Bureaus faced with all manner of problems since some news about transfer of Hamrah Aval’s SIM cards to the value of 1.2m rials were spread. This was published today in Asr-e Eghtesad, Jahan-e Eghtesad, Sarmayeh, Ebtekar and Fanavaran dailies.
• “Two new SMS Center are now under trial run”, said Supervision & Network Management Deputy of MCI in an interview with MOBNA. This was published today in Eghtesad-e Pouya, Sobh-e Eghtesad, Jahan-e Eghtesad and Fanavaran dailies.
• According to Public Relations of Irancell, the second mobile operator offers 13 special gifts to its subscribers, while it has recently announced more details about its Color Tariff schemes, which lessen voice call, SMS and GPRS rates 12 to 99 percent. This was published today in Moj, IT Iran and HAMNA news agencies.
• Whereas rumor has it that Hamrah Aval introduced prepaid SIM cards with 0912 prefix to the market, General Manager of Public Relations of TCI denied this today, wrote MOBNA.  This was published today in Jomhouri, Eghtesad-e Pouya and Donya-ye Eghtesad dailies.
• “MCI has not yet transferred the distribution process of mobile bills to Post Company” said CEO in an interview with MOBNA. This was published today in Jahan-e Sanat and Fanavaran dailies.
• Pointing out some 215 million SMS sent during the New Year’s holidays, Deputy Head of Radio Communications & Regulatory Organization (RCRO) said in an interview with MOBNA that Iran’s mobile market has a great opportunity for investments.
• “MMS Code has not yet met with final approval of respective authorities”, said Head of RCRO, wrote ITNA. This was published today in Khorasan and Tafahom dailies. This was yesterday published in seven other dailies.
• MOBNA yesterday published an article “Attraction of Foreign Investors, Dos & Don’ts”, written by Arian Shariati that discusses in detail attraction of foreign investments in telecom sector. This was published today in Jahan-e Eghtesad daily.
• A member of Board of Directors of Post Company said about finalization of contract of distribution of mobile bills of subscribers to Hamrah Aval by next month, reported ISCA News.
• Resalat daily today published an article titled “Digital ex gratia with SMS” that discusses in detail the efficiency of SMS to mobile users.
• Ebtekar daily today published an article titled “SMS problems” that discusses in detail problems with sending an SMS during New Year’s holidays.
• Jamejam daily today published a subscriber’s criticism about delay in delivery of Hamrah Aval prepaid SIM cards.
• Khorasan daily today published subscriber’s criticisms which were about lack of surveillance on Hamrah Aval SIM sale, Irancell network disorders and Hamrah Aval SIM deactivation without a prior alert.

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