VIEW: Mobile Phone News in Iranian Mass Media, Monday, April 07, 2008

Headlines: • Mobile phone going cheap • Dull SIM market in Tehran

• F110 joins Samsung portfolio
• Overview of Sony Ericsson C902
• Sony Ericsson C902 available on global market by mid-2008
• Smuggle of high-end phones to Iran goes on
• “133 smuggled mobile phones found in Hormozgan”
Articles Digest:
• Chairman of Mobile Phone Sellers said in an interview with BORNA that mobile phones prices are going to fall next month. This was the major news item published today in the Iranian mass media, including Hamshahri, Sobh-e Eghtesad, Asr-e Eghtesad, Sarmayeh, Ghiam and Tehran-e Emrouz dailies.
• Due to uncertainty about prices of SIM cards starting with 0912 prefix, most SIM card sellers have been getting confused. This was today published in Donya-ye Eghtesad, Tehran-e Emrouz and Asr-e Eghtesad dailies.
• The newest Sony Ericsson mobile phone, so-called C902, will be introduced to global mobile phone market in the mid-year, wrote MOBNA.
• Chairman of Mobile, SIM Card Sellers Union said in an interview with CITNA “we are going to observe smuggle of high-end mobile phones into Iran unless the variation between prices of smuggled and authorized of mobile phones is eliminated”.
• Keyhan daily today published a news item titled “133 smuggled mobile phone found in Hormozgan”, indicating that more than 133 mobile devices has been found in Khamir Port of Hormozgan

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