Two new SMS centers trial operation

Tehran, Apr 7. MOBNA – Mobile Telecommunications Network supervision deputy announced launch of two


 mobile phone 1st Operator SMS centers.
Mohammad Hussein Fallah Asghari, in conversation with MOBNA, said the two centers, Tehran Koushk and Isfahan, which are now operational underwent tests in the early days of the new Iranian year.
He indicated there will be further tests on the centers before being linked to the network although no immediate need for them if being felt.
He said the capacity of each center is 1,000 SMS messages per second and could service 2.5m to 3m subscribers.
These centers are due to be linked to the network next May when a further distribution of 1st Operator SIM cards is due.
Currently, 8 SMS centers in Tehran, Uremia, Mashad, Shahr-e Kord, Baabol and Shiraz render their services.
It is to be said that Hamraah-e Avval subscribers exchanged some 215m SMS messages in the early days of the new year, which Hamraah-e Avval authorities claim did not cause major disturbance.


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