Consortium’s negotiations with IranCell & Taliya

Tehran, Apr 6. MOBNA – A spokesman for the Mobile Telecommunications Development Consortium announced that they have held talks

 with the 2nd Operator and Taliya for procurement of mobile phone network equipments.

Ebrahim Mottale , in conversation with MOBNA, said the consortium, similar to the one formed for provision of 6m equipments for 1st Operator network, is well-equipped for the job.

In answer to the question “Does the consortium intend to extend is activities in mobile phone equipment production?” he replied that most of the equipments required for the network have been included in the contract, but they intend to form another consortium for the production of switching systems.

Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Company is the first and largest manufacturer of landline and mobile centers in the country established in 1970 as a private company.

The company in currently engaged in major telecom projects in the country such as manufacture of equipments for 6m mobile phone lines, production of mobile phone handsets under the brand name ITMC, and participation in WLL projects in some provinces.



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