Foreign companies NGN invitation participation

Tehran, Apr 5. MOBNA – Ministry of Information & Communication Technology Research & International Affairs deputy announced foreign

manufacturers of New Generation Network (NGN) may participate in the project through partnership with Iranian companies.
Kamaal Mohamedpour, in conversation with MOBNA, confirmed that the invitation has been extended to Apr 20, and indicated that all Iranian and foreign companies capable of manufacturing such equipment may take part.
He stressed that Iranian companies whishing to participate must be manufacturers of such equipments and not importers, and for that reason their capabilities will be investigated prior to their participation.
He said that pilot tests have been carried out in Tehran, Fars and Ghazvin by Iran Telecom.
ICT Ministry officials indicate the pilot test comprises 100,000 numbers, of which 70,000 will be in Tehran, 20,000 in Fars Province and 10,000 in Gazvin Province.


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