VIEW: Mobile News in Iranian Mass Media, Thursday 3-Apr-2008

Headlines: • State organizations debts to TCI hit 1000b rials

Articles Digest:
• TCI CEO said in an interview with BORNA about the 1000 billion rails of debt which the state-owned organizations owe to Telecom Company of Iran (TCI). “According to the cabinets approval, all state SIM cards will be collected by October 2008”, he added. This was not quoted in any daily paper.
• During the past two days, only Aftab, Andishe-ye-No, Arman, Abrar, Abrar-e-Eghtesadi, Donya-ye-Eghtesad, Keyhan, Jomhouri, Iran, Hamshahri, Jam-e-Jam, Ettelaat and Resalat dailies were published. The other dailies will be published from April 5 due to Norouz holidays.

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