Elections promotional SMS tariff not up

Tehran, Mar 11. MOBNA – Despite reports that some SMS providers have increased their levy on the eve of the

 8th General Election, the chief of one such provider has denied the reportAlireza Ahmadian Zarchi, CEO of Chahar Nasl-e-Amvaj Co, the owner of Rahyab Payam Rasan Co, currently one of the three SMS operators in the country, told MOBNA that at election time such rates fall and not rise.
He said there has been good response by the candidates to SMS, and it is expected to gather momentum as campaigning progresses.
He indicated that most candidates send Persian SMS, but the practice has not become widespread.
He added the SMS tariff has been decided by the 1st Operator, which varies from 130 to 150 Rial depending on the amount.
He mentioned the 3 SMS operators together can transmit 200 messages per second.
The operators are Rahyab Payam Rasan, Atie Daade Pardazan and Magfa.


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