Iran to require 150m handsets in 2 years

Tehran, Mar 11. MOBNA – Iran Telecom chief remarked considering country’s 70m population of whom there are 50m adults and each

  would require, on average, 3 mobile handsets every 2 years, then the country would need 150m mobile handsets in the next 2 years.

Saaber Feizi, on the opening ceremony of Mobile Phone Research Center, told MOBNA that mobile phone industry, since its inception in 1995 has experienced much turmoil, and no-one expected it would reach the present state of being a vital communication tool, and so it is important that the latest in the mobile phone technology is adopted.

He stressed, with employing suitable policy, this could cause higher employment and greater domestic production, with emphasis on software.

He indicated that, in general, only 50% of the mobile phone potential is ever used.

He remarked there is no research center in the world to which an Iranian citizen is not affiliated, and yet no such center in this country exists that is non-governmental.


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