10% of 6m mobile phone line equipments ready for delivery

Tehran, Mar 10. MOBNA – A member of Mobile Telecommunication Development Consortium announced 10%

of the required equipments are ready for delivery.
Gholamreza Behrouzi, in conversation with MOBNA, said the consortium will fulfill its obligations in 12 months.
Mobile Telecommunications Technologies chief, as a Consortium member, stressed that within the next year they will deliver 3,500 BTS sites, manufacturing 500 sites per month as from next May.
He claimed the consortium is capable of manufacturing 10 times the volume stated in the present contract.
He stressed government’s initial trust in domestic manufacturers’ capabilities has been a boost to morale, and emphasized the formation of the present consortium of 6 major manufacturers active in high-tech would pave the way for further developement in future.
The consortium consists of Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Co, Iran Telecommunication Industries, Iran Electronic Parts Industries, Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, Micro Moaj and SaShiraz, formed in May 2007 for duration of 18 months.


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