Handset smuggling stoppage boost to domestic production

Tehran, Mar 9. MOBNA – Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing chief said stoppage of illicit import of mobile

handsets would directly boost domestic handset production.
Ebrahim Mottale, in conversation with MOBNA, said there has been good reception for ITMC mobile handsets, which are of high quality.
He added the handset is represented in 300 large cities across the country.
He indicated, however, that the present ITMC market is limited.
It should be mentioned that the ITMC handset production line was first launched last summer, and by now 5 ITMC brands have been introduced on the market.
Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Company is country’s first and largest producer of landline and mobile phone exchange centers, established in 1967 as a private company.
Currently, the company in engaged in country’s major telecom contracts such as the manufacture of equipments for 6m mobile phone lines, and production of mobile phone handsets under the brand name ITMC.


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