Government 3rd Operator tender method ratification

Tehran, Mar 4. MOBNA – The Information & Communication Technology Minister announced the method of the 3rd Operator tender has been approved by the government

According to MOBNA, Mohammad Soleimani stated, due to 2nd Operator license limitations, the 3rd Operator will start its operation next November, although the tender documents are ready and the administrator has been selected.
It is expected that 3rd Operator will achieve 19% of mobile phone market with its 3G technology.
The 3rd and 4th operators will coincide with Telecom privatization, and according to RCRO chief, Khosravi, the 3rd Operator will enjoy a two-year protection period, as did the 2nd.
He believes, in the first two years of 3rd Operator activity, no license will be issued to other operators for provision of 3G technology, although they may apply afterwards to RCRO for license revision if they intend to provide 3G services.
It is expected that in the next five years country’s mobile phone market will be fully competitive.


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