3rd Operator tender not held this year

Tehran, Mar 4. MOBNA – Despite assurance by authorities at the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology that the 3rd Operator tender would be held this winter, there are rumors that the its license has not yet been finalized.

An informed source at Radio Communication & Regulations Organization told MOBNA that the license is awaiting the Commission members’ approval, and therefore the tender will definitely not be held before the end of the current Iranian year.
It is to be said that the authorities at the ICT ministry had announced that the winner of the tender would be known by next June, but it appears there will be delay.
Among conditions for the 3rd Operator laid down is that it employs 3G mobile phone technology and that it holds 19% of its market.
Many companies from Europe, Asia, Africa and America have shown interest in the tender, whom, according to the Iranian law, are required to enter into a partnership with Iranian companies, and own no more that 49% of operator’s shares.


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