1st Operator license ratification

Tehran, Mar 4. MOBNA – Iran Telecom chief announced final approval of country’s 1st Operator license by Radio Communication & Regulations Organization, and said the license will be issued shortly


Saaber Feizi, in conversation with MOBNA, said RCRO has approved the license which will then be signed by its members and passed on to Iran Telecom.
He also referred to Telecom privatization, which had hitherto remained dormant due to the absence of license, and indicated they are now awaiting statements from the Privatization Organization and the Tehran Stock Exchange for the Telecom to enter TSE.
It is to be said that the license had been on RCRO agenda for the past one-and-a-half year.
Earlier, it was planned that 5% of Telecom shares would be sold on TSE for price determination.
According to item 3 of article 44 of Constitution, shares of 32 telecom companies are to be sold at TSE by Mar 20.


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