VIEW: Mobile News in Iran Mass Media, Monday, 29-Jan-08

HOT NEWS: While the charge cards for the first operator`s prepaid SIM cards become rare, the applicants for postpaid SIM cards are displeased with the delay in the delivery.

LEGEND: All news stories published today, Monday, 29-Jan-08, in the Iranian mass media concerning mobile phones and devices are as follows. First, the headlines are included in the following list, and then each story is written in summary form in the Articles Digests list.
• Buying charge cards, first operator users problem
• 51% SMS sent by women
• Threat to 2.5-trillion-rial domestic operators income
• GCs output to MCI really slow
• Taliya must change malfunctioned SIM
• No increase in first operators charge cards validity
• Mobile, telephone numbers each to reach 36 million
• TCI monthly income from each mobile user: 90,000 rials
• GCs case closed till March
• “A symposium with a grand absentee”
• 6th phase delivery of first operators SIM begins
• “SMS rate cut, still under scrutiny”
• “Turkcell unable to sue Iran”
• Subscribers criticisms
• The serious concern of prepaid subscribers to first operator is preparing charge cards for their SIM cards that are mostly rare on the market, wrote ISNA. This was the major news item published today in Irans mass media including Donya-ye-Eghtesad, Tehran-e-Emrouz, Etemad, Abrar, Javan, Sobh-e-Eghtesad, Arman, Poul, Asrar, Andishe-ye-No, Ebtekar, Hezbollah, Eghtesad-e-Pouya, Jahan-e-Eghtesad and Jahan-e-Sanat dailies.
• Public Relations of TCI revealed latest figures indicates that more than 89 text messages are sent and received in monthly average by a subscriber to first mobile operator. This was published today in Jam-e-Jam, Sobh-e-Eghtesad, Arman, Andishe-ye-No, Abrar-e-Eghtesadi, Fanavaran, Khabar, Eghtesad-e-Pouya, Rah-e-Mardom, Khorasan and Jahan-e-Eghtesad dailies This was also published today by ISNA, IRNA, Fars, Mehr, Moj, IRNA and ISCA News news agencies.
• Iranian mobile carriers resistance to make a decrease in SMS rate has paved the way for the foreign countries making lower bids for SMS rate, wrote MOBNA. This was published today in Fanavaran, Jahan-e-Eghtesad and Saheb Qalam dailies.
• Chairman of TCI said they recently have set a two-week deadline, in which the general contractors of MCI can send the needed documents. Although more than a week is passed, the company have not received any document from the GCs. This was published today in Sobh-e-Eghtesad, Abrar-e-Eghtesadi and Fanavaran dailies. This was also published in Moj and ISNA news agencies.
• Manager of Public Relations of Taliya said in an interview with CITNA that by law, the company is obliged to change those SIM cards that are registered incorrectly. This was published today in Poul and Fanavaran dailies.
• In an interview with CITNA, the deputy of MCI said the validity time of their prepaid SIM cards can not be more than two months. This was published today in Poul and Donya-ye-Eghtesad dailies.
• According to Public Relations of the Ministry of Communications, the Chief Executive of TCI said the average monthly income from each mobile user reached 90,000 rials. This was published today in Donya-ye-Eghtesad daily. This had been published in 21 other written media.
• MOBNA published yesterday a feature article titled “A symposium with a grand absentee” written by Koroush Shams that discusses in detail the absence of the respective ministry in the symposium of Mobile Phone, E-Government & E-Commerce.
• Public Relations of MCI said the sixth phase delivery of their SIM cards containing more than 425,000 will begin this week. This was published today in Fars news agency.
• Hamshahri daily published today a news item titled “SMS rate cut, still under scrutiny” that discusses the statements made by RCROs head concerning the decrease in SMS rates.
• Kaenat daily published today a news item titled “Turkcell unable to sue Iran” that quotes the head of Telecom Committee of Majlis as saying Turkcell can not take court action against Iran.
• Keyhan daily published today a subscribers criticism about Irancell SIM cards high fees.
• Hamshahri daily published today a subscribers criticism about delay in delivery of state SIM cards.
• Qods daily published today a subscribers criticism about problems of Irancell SIM cards, contrary to its vast advertisements.

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